Our History

This is the story of a brand created from the cooperation between two brothers with a common passion: glass, a material with endless possibilities.
Since they were children, Francesco and Mario Ballarin dreamed of turning their passion into a job. In 1956, their dream came true: F&M Ballarin was founded in Murano.


Murano, an island historically full of creativity and skilled labor, gave the two brothers Francesco and Mario Ballarin continuous opportunities to develop new ideas and projects in the glass art sector. Since they were children, both worked for some of the most famous glasswork furnaces on the island and learned from the most skilled glass-makers, acquiring from them the
fascinating knowledge of glassmaking. In 1956, Francesco and Mario merged their skills to create F&M Ballarin: a company that, over time, grew and evolved along with the vast demands of an increasingly international market.

The company’s early years were characterized by a period of experimentation in which it sought to define its identity. In fact, there are many techniques to be tested in order to stand out from the many glassmaking businesses already on the island. In this period, the company tested different techniques, such as the creation of artistic mirrors, grinding, borosilicate glass processing, up to the processing of glass blown in filigree rods, a technique that, even today, is the basis of the main production of F&M Ballarin. The artworks created from this processing have a unique and modern style, and led to significant success during the various exhibitions in which the company participated.


The year 1992 was a year of major innovation that, over time, proved to be key for the stylistic development of the company: it was the year in which Angelo Ballarin, Mario’s son, joined the company. Since he was a child, he attended the family business where he was fascinated by how glass was shaped by his family members. His strong interest in this ancient art led him to quickly learn and explore the secrets of the techniques.

Since 1997, F&M Ballarin was officially entrusted to Angelo’s management, who contributed to the development of the company by creating a technique that allowed creating works of art with an elegant and modern style and that, over the years, became known as the company’s signature style. This was possible thanks to the design of new tools and that led the company to stand out from an ever-increasing competition.


To design: a word that means a business in continuous development, constantly in balance between past and future. A way of looking ahead.
For those who design by profession, there is nothing better than seeing their idea transformed into reality. But to achieve this, you need to know how to listen, to look carefully at everything around you to take inspiration and learn as much as possible.
That is why designing is also discipline and respect: being respectful of the past and aware of
of the present to imagine the future.
We must never forget that we are what tradition taught us.