Below we describe the main techniques we use



It is the main technique that characterizes the production of F&M Ballarin. The first step of this process involves the combination of different pieces of glass rods in order to create the desired design. The combination is then fused in the oven and finally blowed by the Master.
The final result is a glass object characterized by an extraordinary lightness and great chromatic effects.


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Glass blowing is one of the most traditional and famous techniques of the Murano glass working. This process consists in the modeling of a mass of glass that is blown through a long metal barrel.
The blown glass technique requires a great experience in order to mold a simple glass mass into an artistic work.


The glass fusion technique is used to create plates, frames and jewelry. This process consists in creating a composition of pieces of glass that are fused together inside a “book oven” to create the desired glass object.
Sometimes we still use this technique to make particular glass inserts that are then combined inside the vases.